Hosting a Seminar

Almost every seminar on our schedule was organized by someone just like you. That means you don't have to wait for a seminar to come to your area. You can make it happen by scheduling one to take place right at your own facility. And organizing a seminar is easy to do!


Holding a seminar at your facility has a number of benefits:
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATE for all attendees in your organized group.
  • SAVE COST of travelling to a distant seminar location.
  • CONVENIENT for your schedule by selecting seminar dates that work best for you.

No Risk

There is absolutely no risk to you when trying to organize a seminar. We can even help you with recruiting participants by providing easy registration instructions that you can distribute. And if you're unable to attract enough participants, the seminar simply doesn't happen and any monies paid toward the seminar are returned.

Minimum Requirements and Pricing

To view requirements and pricing, click the seminar type from the drop down menu below.