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There are currently 10 NPS Modules available.
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  NPS Modules
  • Each module consists of 15 multiple-choice questions. For each question, a detailed audio review with explanations is provided after you have selected your answer. A score report for the module is provided after you have completed it.
  • Each module requires 1 token to play. Once you complete a module, you may repeat that module for a period of two weeks without using another token.
Having technical problems with a module? There is often an easy solution! Please see the Online Exam Practice: Problems/Solutions section of our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page for the most common problems and solutions.
  Patient Assessment
Questions relating to history and medical record review, physical examination and assessment of the neonate and child, chest x-rays & other imaging procedures, and interpretation of laboratory values.
Patient Assessment A


Patient Assessment B


  Airway Management
Questions relating to humidity & aerosol therapy, intubation/extubation, managing difficult airways, bronchial hygiene therapy, suctioning, and pharmacology.
Airway Management


  Diagnostic Testing
Questions relating to obtaining and interpreting arterial blood gases, calculations, pulmonary function testing, sleep monitoring, and hemodynamic monitoring.
Diagnostic Testing


  Emergency Care
Questions relating to neonatal and pediatric resuscitation, managing acute airway obstruction, and ECG interpretation.
Emergency Care


Questions relating to oxygen administration devices, humidifiers & nebulizers, resuscitation devices, airway devices, gas delivery & analyzing devices, and techniques for disinfection & sterilization.


  Mechanical Ventilation
Questions relating to initiating mechanical ventilation, monitoring the patient receiving mechanical ventilation, recommending changes to ventilator settings based on patient data, troubleshooting problems with the patient/ventilator system, weaning the patient from mechanical ventilation, and noninvasive positive pressure ventilation.
Mechanical Ventilation A


Mechanical Ventilation B


Questions relating to identifying and treating various disease conditions in neonatal and pediatric patients.


  Special Procedures / General Patient Care
Questions relating to bronchoscopy, chest tube drainage systems, surfactant administration, specialty gas administration, home care, and end of life care.
Special Procedures / General Patient Care


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